Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Pictures

Last year there were no Easter pictures. The year before last there was a picture of Noah in his baby carrier covered in burp cloths. The Easter outfit made it to church but no pictures exist. This year I was determined to get pictures - and I did. Noah didn't exactly cooperate, though.

The black eye didn't help, nor did the fact that we got him up at 6 am to go to the sunrise service at church (daddy had to sing). At least there are pictures this year, though. Maybe next year my goal can be good pictures.


Angela said...

He reminds me of Calvin of Calvin and Hobbes.. hahahah

Emily said...

Just think what the coming years are going to bring. Oh the joys!

My hubby and I were talking about how we miss the sunrise Easter service our church used to have. I wish we still did that but alas, we went to church at 10am... Not nearly as fun as waking up three toddlers at 5am.

Lisa said...

Mine got that same slinky thing from T. He is such a cutie! LOOOVE the dimples!

(ps- haven't "seen" you in a while... hope all is okay!)