Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Reflux Never Ends

Lisa posted a comment about the number of burp cloths covering Noah in his Easter picture last year. It is comical to see, but unfortunately it's not a funny story that I can look back on because reflux never ends. They tell you it does, but it doesn't. They say that it'll end by their first birthday, but they forget to mention that if it doesn't you're stuck with it forever. My most recent wild dream is that someday Noah will learn to carry a bucket with him wherever he goes and throw up only in the bucket (maybe he'll even learn to clean it out himself?). The last few weeks at feeding therapy they've been tweaking things to get Noah to throw up less. I was really ok with once a day.... I had forgotten that most people don't have to carry around 3 changes of clothes and half a dozen burp cloths for their toddlers "just in case". Anyway "tweaking" means that Noah is throwing up more while they discover all of the things that don't work. One day he happily walked down the loooong hospital hallway stopping every 5 feet to lean over and vomit a puddle before he moved on. There were puddles the entire length of the hallway. That was the first of 7 vomits that day. I don't think they'll ever get him to stop throwing up but I am optimistic that they'll get him closer to the once a day than the seven. Did I ever tell you about that day that Noah didn't throw up? No wait, that was just a dream.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Not About Food

I decided to not post about feeding therapy, but since I don't do much else I've just ended up not posting. Since Noah is really a cutie and is growing like crazy since starting feeding therapy (a pound in 2 weeks!) I figured I would do a picture post to show you what else is going on in Noah's life.
#1 the implant: Noah's doing a great job listening (and even has a few words already!). A highlight for me is when the speech therapist brings out the little plastic snake and Noah says "sssss"- this is a sound he never heard before. I added scrapbooking stickers to the headpiece caps. What do you think?
#2 play skills: Noah's really into some early imaginitive play and is finally starting to stack blocks. He's also learned to kick a ball thanks to Jill the Recreation Therapist at the feeding program.

#3 Easter: I'm apparently really bad at taking Easter pictures. Noah looked adorable, but alas no pics. Here is Noah's last year Easter picture - his first time to church ever (I told you, I'm really bad at it).

Noah wasn't even prop sitting and could only roll onto his side last Easter. What a difference a year makes!

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

A Day Off

Brian is down in Richmond with Noah today so I have a day off. Well, most of a day, anyway. I have to go to a funeral at 11 (which is why Brian took Noah to feeding therapy) but other than that my day is free. My wonderful husband suggested I do something fun - get a manicure, go to Borders and buy a new book, etc. I think that's a great idea. I'm just not sure if I can fit it in. You see, there's not enough time to do the things that have to be done each day. So a day off means that I have time to go to the pharmacy to get Noah's new erythromycin perscription (it's for motility - he's not sick). Oh yeah, and we really need a refill on Prevacid and Pulmocort, too. And then it's off to Walmart for Pediasure with fiber and some baby socks (since Noah's seem to have all been eaten by our dryer). Then when I get home I'd better spend some time with my poor kitty that's locked in the bathroom with a raging bladder infection. And I should probably cook a reasonably good dinner since Brian will be tired after spending the day in feeding therapy. Hmmmm, maybe I'll order a pizza and get that manicure after all.