Thursday, May 31, 2007

Look how I've grown

Birth Day

(Mommy thinks I look like a little pink Smurf in this picture)

Due Date

(Can you say Pulmonary Hypertension?)

One Year Actual

(No, I couldn't crawl - I could barely hold myself up!)

One Year Corrected

(I loved to jump!)


(I'm such a big boy now!)

Monday, May 28, 2007

A Memorable Weekend

Memorial Day weekend brings back a lot of memories for me. Not of soldiers who have died, (although I appreciate their sacrifice) but of days in the hospital waiting for my son to be born or to die. Two years ago for Memorial Day weekend I was laying in a hospital bed trying to stay calm so that they could keep me pregnant long enough for Noah to get the all important steroid shots. The fact that it was a holiday weekend barely registered to me. I remember that the hospital cefeteria was offering a special dessert - angel food cake with strawberries and blueberries. I would imagine that it was good, but I was NPO so I never got to try it. The Dr. who put in my PICC line on Saturday performed the procedure in khakis and a polo shirt - he had been called in on his way to a cookout because after 18 hours of blood draws I had no useable veins left and the IV for my mag was barely holding out. Memorial Day weekend has a lot of painful memories for me. I was in excruciating pain from my liver and was black and blue from the BP checks. I could have no visitors or phone calls and my only form of entertainment was my husband sitting next to me reading Nancy Drew books aloud. On Sunday the neonatologist came in and said "Twenty-four weekers have alot of problems but don't worry... I've checked out your labs and I'm confident they can keep you pregnant until at least 28 weeks." In the wee hours of Memorial Day I heard less conforting news. A doctor shoved a c-section consent at me and said "Normally I would explan the risks of a c-section but if I take the time to do that you'll die and so will your baby. None of the risks are worse than that." Noah was born at 2:44 am, letting out a little cry so that Mommy would know he was alive. I felt empty that day - I could still feel his little fluttering kicks but I knew he was no longer safe inside me. I felt like a failure. For a long time I was convinced that if I hadn't been such a whiner about the pain of my liver failing that they wouldn't have done the surgery and Noah would have stayed safely inside me until 32 weeks (the longest they said they were willing to let me stay pregnant with HELLP). I came to realize that my guilt and the mag had skewed my memory and there was in fact no chance that I would have made it to 32 weeks and a pretty good chance that my liver would burst and/or I would bleed out with my 49,000 and dropping platelet count and we would both have died. Hopefully this year will bring happier memories.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Back to Normal(ish)

This week we've been working on getting back into a normal routine after feeding therapy. Next week will be a better indication of our normal schedule since we don't have OT or Feeding Therapy this week. Mainly we've been getting used to feeding Noah real food and figuring out how much time things take. Today we went down to Richmond for a CI mapping and Speech Therapy (AVT). It was quite a challenge having to make time for feeding things other than bottles/sippy cups. I ended up leaving the house at 8:15 for a 10:00 audiology appointment so that I could feed Noah his pear applesauce in the hospital parking garage. We then went to CMOR for story hour and some playtime at the water table before another feeding in the parking lot and speech therapy. I guess eventually we'll get to the point where I can feed Noah in a more public location, but visions of vomit everywhere kept me from doing that. I was so focused on feeding Noah that I forgot to feed me! When we pulled into the Chattering Children parking lot I scrounged around for something but all that was in the car was Pediasure and some chewing gum. Oh well! Not bad for a first time.

Monday, May 21, 2007


Noah graduated from his intensive feeding program last Friday and we're very happy with the results. Noah went from taking only Pediasure to now eating a wide variety of pureed table foods. We're still dealing with the reflux vomiting, but it's not as bad now that he's eating heavier foods. In fact, we've had 2 days where Noah didn't vomit at all. We started the program with Noah at 20lb 5 oz and 29" and after 8 weeks he's 21lb 7oz and 30". We no longer have to wake Noah at night to feed him and we are very close to a normal 3 meals and 2 snack schedule. Our goals now are to work on his emerging chewing skills so that we can graduate from purees to real foods and slowly decrease the calorie boosting that we're doing (we add duocal to his drinks and polycal to his foods). We will continue with weekly outpatient feeding therapy to work on these goals. A typical schedule for us now is:

7am 3 oz Resource Breeze, 2-3 oz soy (or sometimes regular) yogurt
9:30am 3 oz Resource Breeze, 2-3 oz. fruit (his favorite is baked apples)

12pm 6-7 oz Pediasure

3pm 4 oz Pediasure, 2 oz veggie or meat dish (He loves most veggies, but especially carrots. His favorite meat dishes are chicken with rice and veggies or chicken with noodles and veggies.)

6pm 4 oz Pediasure, 2 oz of a heavier food (oatmeal or cream of wheat with fruit, ice cream, pudding, or pancakes with fruit - these are all new foods, but he's doing great with them so far)

9pm 6-7 oz Pediasure

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

My baby is a genius!

Noah has had his cochlear implant turned on for about a month and a half. Today in speech therapy we made a list of the words that he says independently (not just repeating). Here it is....

up: "uh" or sometimes "ub"
down: "dow"
bye-bye: "bu-bye" (very drawn out and southern - too cute!)
more: "meh"
mama: used to be "mama", but the last few days it's been "mommmmm"
dada: "dada" or sometimes "da"
bubbles: "bu-buz" (if he's excited it's more like "bubububububuz")
blue: "boo"
yes: "ya"
no: "na" (while shaking his head vigorously)
eyes: "ice"
nose: "na" (sounds like no, but for this one he slaps you very hard in the nose while saying it)
eat: "eee"
ball: "baw"
go: "go"

Today I also heard him say elmo "memo" a few times when he saw his elmo car so I guess we should add that to the list too. Not bad considering that about a month ago he only had 2 words. Great job, Noah!