Tuesday, May 20, 2008

No nebs!

Today we went to a pulmo appointment and the verdict is:

No more nebulizer treatments until September!

In spite of the fact that Noah was hit hard by the flu, he didn't need steroids or need to be hospitalized so I guess that's considered a good outcome. Mollie said that based on his history he's doing much better at (almost) 3 then she could've predicted. We'll go back on .25 of Pulmocort once a day in September to strengthen his lungs for preschool germs. In the meantime hopefully Noah can learn to fall asleep without his nightly nebulizer - that would be a huge step for us.


Jennifer said...

Congrats Noah!!! ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tiffany said...

Just wanted to say how happy I was to read this news. Go Noah!!