Friday, July 11, 2008

Milk... It does a body good!

At 3 years and 1 months:
your child is 29.5 pounds, and that is at the 22nd percentile for weight.
your child is 35.5 inches, and that is at the 6th percentile for height.

For a few minutes I'm going to ignore the research that says not growing between 0-2 and then growing like a weed is bad and be happy for my big, healthy boy.


tiffany said...

amazing year!! Well done Momma!

23 Weekers said...

Hi, I'm a mom to a 23.4 wk preemie (actually twins). My son in profoundly deaf and has severe ROP. One eye - the retina is not attached except the edges. The other eye has had multiple surgeries. The retina is currently attached. We see a specialist in MI every 3 months. Anyway, he doesn't see well and doesn't hear at all. We are starting the CI process. Hopefully, he will be implanted in a month. Noah seems to be doing very well with his implant. Does he have bi-lateral implants? We are planning on bi-lateral. I'm very nervous about the implant and any risk. My son also had a Grade 2 and 4 IVH. So, he has other issues. My blog is I found you as a member of the preemie group. I know you're very busy, but wondered if you had a moment to talk about the CI.