Monday, December 8, 2008

How to drive a speech therapist crazy:

1. show that you comprehend a question but never actually get around to answering it

2. sprinkle in a few nonsense words

3. change the subject


Anthony's Mommy said...

wow! he talks really well! I'm usually one of those people that can never understand other peoples kids, but I could understand every word that Noah said!

We just started speech therapy with my son. I hope it goes well.


Tami J said...

I am still amazed by your patience. If I could even tap into a little of that my girls would probably be happier. You do such a great job, Em. Watching you with your little boy always brings a smile to my face.

Anonymous said...

Noah looks like baby genius!He is very bright!Sometimes the toddlers do lot of testings!He knows the answer but ignores you and more you ask him he gets more stubborn!
If you ask him"Does cow say wink?"
He will definitely say you "No" and give you right answer.It's very funny!