Friday, February 12, 2010

Concept Development at the Opening Ceremony

"It's a star." (Nope, it's a maple leaf.)
"It's kind of like a picnic." (Those are Canadian Mounties carrying a flag.)
"It's to sleep on a bed" (They are going to hang it on a flag pole.)
"She's singing Old Mary Mack." (It's called "O, Canada".)

When you don't see so great and you don't hear so great, sometimes it's hard to get the whole picture. Noah's constantly making connections, but they're not always the right connections. It's hard for him because he wants to understand it so bad. We'll get there, Noah!


leah said...

I can see how carrying a giant flag would bring the idea of going to a picnic (with sitting on a big picnic blanket). All the incidental learning that gets missed takes a lot of explaining! Here's to a fun Olympics!

Terena said...

the world really can be a blur to our kids, but isn't it wonderful how they fill in the gaps? I am amazed by what my own daughter misses, but also by what she sees and comprehends. She will often pick up on minutia that I miss because I'm so busy. And the way she describes and explains what she observes is fascinating. Yes, she sees the world differently, but she also shows me things I don't see.