Friday, March 26, 2010


We're deep into the planning process for our summer trip to the John Tracy Clinic. The more I'm thinking about it, the more overwhelmed I am by the number of things we will have to take with us.
Remember those first doctor appointments after the NICU when I had to always bring a friend because Noah and all his stuff (O2, monitors, feeding pump, diaper bag) couldn't all be carried by one person? When we got rid of the feeding pump I typically tried to do it myself, although not always successfully. I'm surprised the ENT even made us go through with the ABR after that appointment when I grabbed the monitors with the wrong arm, disconnected everything, and sheepishly walked back with my (still sleeping) baby and two different alarms blaring. Boy am I glad those days are over! Even so, just getting ready for Sunday School still involves two bags.

At any given time we typically carry the following:
- food for the amount of time we'll be out of the house, including one extra meal and some extra milk in case a "do over" is needed
- Ikea plastic spoons and one of the few types of straw cups that Noah likes
- bibs, cloths for face wiping or mopping up messes, and "pukeys" (aka barf bags)
- a few books or small toys for feeding rewards
- some type of seating for good posture while eating (either a car seat, stroller, or a booster chair depending on the situation)
- whatever medications will be needed in the time period we'll be out
- Thick it and any calorie additives that haven't yet been added to the food/formula
- a change of clothes (two if we'll be out all day)
- pull ups, and wipes
-stickers for potty rewarding
- extra batteries and headpieces
- Mr. Cane
- a dome magnifier
- a hat in case of unexpected rain

So what do you take with you when you go out?

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leah said...

We don't have quite the equipment haul, but here's what we take:

Extra clothes (for both Matt and Nolan). I'm pretty sure that Matt might never fully toilet train (g).

DuoCal packets, Nexium, and syringe.

batteries, dessicant container, hearing aid clip, and HA "care kit" (stethoset, earmold cleaners, etc).

Diapers/wipes. Lots of wipes.


In August/September, we'll probably be adding a BiPap to the mix- I'm kind of glad that we aren't heading that direction until AFTER the JTC visit!