Wednesday, April 28, 2010

moving update

We have a contract... the school has been notified... my house is full of boxes... I feel like I'm losing my mind. I guess that means it's official!

The SPED director and principal have both said Noah can finish out the school year even though we'll probably move a week or two earlier. I've e-mailed the new county's SPED director, but haven't gotten a response yet. I'm hoping that she doesn't blow me off since Noah's not starting 'til August, because it takes a lot of work to get ready for Noah's arrival.

In other news, our AV therapist is doing lots of testing on Noah. I don't have an official report yet, but the results have been interesting to me. On the TOLD P-4 Noah's subsection age equivelant scores ranged from <4 to 7+. He's got really strong strengths, but some major weaknesses too. On another test that he's doing now, he got a school readiness age equivelant of 4 years 7 months. That's only a few months behind his current age, and if we were still correcting his age for prematurity would be right on the mark. What's interesting is that when you look at the subtests he scored very high on the letters, colors, shapes, and numbers, but only got 4 questions correct on the size comparison section. That's pretty much how it is... What he's good at, he's really good at, but his deficits are pretty significant. Hopefully the JTC will know what to do with him, because no one else seems to!

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leah said...

Good luck with the move- you certainly have a very busy spring/summer with JTC and moving!

Our therapist calls results like that a "scattering of scores." Nolan displays the same thing, though not to the same extent as Noah. For instance, Nolan's receptive language is a full year ahead of his chronological age (on average), but he missed some questions at the 18 month level and got some at the 4 year old level. The average might be ahead, but obviously we want to work on the "holes" in his language, too.

I really can't wait until JTC- I think it is going to be a good experience the whole way 'round.