Saturday, May 29, 2010


It's so much fun now that Noah is starting to learn how to have conversations, but little boys talk about the weirdest things.

Noah (as we pull into a parking lot): Where are we?

Mom: We're at Lowe's.

Noah: I like to ride in the race car at Lowe's, but no puking!

Mom: I like the race car shopping carts too.

Noah: Do you know what puke means?

Mom: What?

Noah: It means to throw up all your food on your clothes and have to put your pajamas on.

Mom: Do you need to throw up?

Noah: No thank you. I want to ride in the race car!


Anne, Eliza Grace's mom said...

It is grand when you can have these conversations with your child!

abby said...

We can't wait to have these conversations with Hallie...though I sort of hope that she's forgotten about puking by then! Probably she'll focus in on stinky poops or some other equally fascinating subject, though!

leah said...

I'm laughing so hard- kids are so random! Love the conversation, though- even if it does involve puke and race cars. He is so funny!