Thursday, November 11, 2010

Potty Training and other significant delays

Yesterday my sister in law posted on Facebook that her son had been accident free for 4 days. It was day 9 of potty training. Noah is a full 3 years older than his cousin and I think he's only ever had one accident free day in his life. He is making success with potty training, and this year is easier than last year, and someday maybe (hopefully) he'll start knowing when he needs to go and/or become willing to try to go at school eventually. Clearly that day is not coming anytime soon, though.
Yesterday at church Noah was chasing his friend's baby brother around the church. He chose to chase him because he could never keep up with his friend (6 months younger than him) or his friend's little sister (2 years younger than him).
On Monday I substituted in a 3 year old preschool class. Many of them needed less assistance than Noah does for regular things like putting on a coat or opening a backpack.

It can just be a little depressing.

It's not that Noah can't do those things, because he is always making so much progress and I know he'll do them someday. The hard part is watching Noah's friends, and then his friends' little sisters, and eventually his friends' baby brothers pass Noah at lightning speed, knowing that although he's chugging away he'll never catch up. I'm so thankful for all he can do, but someday he's going to realize all the things he can't do that other kids his age can and I dread that day.


leah said...

Just sending hugs on this tough day. Nolan says that toilet training is highly overrated, anyway. Sigh...

Anthony and Ashleys Mommy said...

Kids can be so cruel too. Sometimes when I take Anthony to the park, kids his age make fun of how he talks, or think he's weird cause when he gets excited he yells. I hear things like "Why does that boy talk funny?" "I don't like that boy! Why does he scream? Why does he chase me?" I want to go yell at these kids myself that a few months ago Anthony couldn't talk at all and to back off! But I know they are just kids and they don't understand. It just hurts my heart sometimes.

Lucas'Mommy said...

Hang in there. I know it's not easy, and I know that most people don't and will never get it. Give that boy a hug from us!

xraevision said...

Our son turned three in August and we're not even attempting potty training. His oral deaf preschool (like JTC) does not require him to be potty trained because, as they say, his plate is already full of adjusting to the school environment and language acquisition.

I just wondered aloud to my husband a few days ago about our son realizing that he is different. I admire his fierce independence and strong personality, which will take him far in life, but I do occasionally worry about him not feeling accepted by his peers. I just hope that he feels nurtured and protected enough by us that we can send him out into the world and have him return more or less unscathed.

I have stopped having play dates with my best friend whose 22 month old daughter has now firmly surpassed my 38 month old son's expressive language ability. I'm just so accustomed to hanging out with deaf kids that I am often shocked by the skills of typical hearing children. And although I am happy that others don't have to deal with the issue of hearing loss, it's a little bit painful for me to watch.

Sorry for the long comment, but your post really hit home for me.