Thursday, December 16, 2010

Dear Teacher,

Thank you for always assuming the worst of my child. He really wants to try his best knowing that you will criticize his every mistake. Refusing to praise his positive behavior is a great tool, and one we would like to try at home. I think the withholding of praise will make Noah try harder to do his best each day.
You are right to punish him vocally in front of the entire class. I'm sure that you're right and it will not affect the other students' views of him at all. He is an evil child and needs to be broken in a way only you can do.
I also appreciate your daily criticism of my parenting. Knowing that you assume everything I tell you is either a lie or misguided makes my day so much better. I look forward to opening your e-mails each day to read the gems of wisdom that you have for me. I'm considering starting a scrapbook of all of the lovely typed letters that come home in Noah's backpack as well. What a great keepsake. Thank you! Please continue to berate my child for the affects of his disability. It makes life so lovely for our family. I'm so glad you're a part of our team. Enjoy your snow day. I know we will!


leah said...

Oh, Emily- how awful! How quickly can you change classrooms (if that is an option)? This sounds like a very bad fit- and a very bad teaching style. I hope you get him out of there and into a more encouraging situation- SOON!

xraevision said...

Oh dear, it sounds like your initial optimism about this class has been forced to make a sharp turn. I am constantly stunned by other people's opinions of my son's abilities and my parenting skills. We have enough to deal with on a daily basis without being judged. If Noah's teacher spent half as much time investing new methods for communicating with him as she does writing you notes, you would all be farther ahead.

If switching teachers is not an option, does the school have any conflict resolution practices, or will you and Noah be stuck for the rest of the year?!! Our kids can flourish in supportive educational environments and deserve it just as much as other kids do. I hope something changes soon for you!

Anne, Eliza Grace's mom said...

Emily that teacher sounds beyond awful. What is she even doing teaching. I hope you can quickly find a better class for Noah.

Rebecca said...

This is horrible! It is also what gives teachers a bad name. Please remember that not all teachers are like this and keep talking to the teacher, the principal, the special ed. department, the board of ed and the state board if necessary. No child should have to go through this No parent should either. As a teacher I like to remind myself often that a parent truly does know their child best and that they are one of the most important piece to helping me be successful with their child.

abby said...

I just saw this and am horrified. Can you switch teachers (yes, I know everyone asked this already but I still want to know)? Can you switch schools if there are no other teachers? Or can you get positive behavioral reinforcement written into his IEP and make illegal the sort of stuff this teacher is doing? And if she won't stop then you have grounds for switching even if the district tries to prevent you from doing this?

I am praying that you are okay this Christmas season and thinking of you.