Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Day is Almost Here!

This Tuesday is the big day! Noah is having his surgery for his "new ear". I'm so excited for what this is going to do for him, but I can't help but being stressed over the whole hospital thing. After fighting so hard to get Noah out of the hospital, giving him back doesn't exactly bring me warm fuzzies.
The surgery itself seems like it lasts forever, but the recovery last time was relatively quick. Noah will definitely be out of school next week, but will likely be fine to go back after that. Please keep us in your prayers this week!


Anonymous said...

Noah will be fine.I am excited to know about Noah's new ear.You are such a brave mother!Noah is also doing good.Don't worry about him.I know how much you all have been struggling but it will end soon!
Good luck!

23 Weekers said...

Prayers for a quick surgery and speedy recovery. I can't wait to hear how the second implant works out. Carver is supposed to get his second CI soon, too.

Good Luck!

Michele said...

Hope the surgery went well. My thoughts and prayers are with Noah and you both! Cant wait to hear how it went.