Wednesday, May 20, 2009

To Whom It May Concern (a vent)

To Whom It May Concern:
I'm sorry that changing Noah's CI batteries is an inconvenience at school. I'm sure that if you thought about it you'd realize how much more inconvenient it is for him to not be able to hear.

To Whom It May Concern:
If Noah was really able to intentionally throw a plastic lion at a classmate in order to hurt him, someone should notify the physical therapist. She has yet to have success with getting him to throw a ball with any type of aim - perhaps plastic lions would work better?
Punish Noah for throwing a toy, but don't assign malicious intent when none was meant.

To Whom It May Concern:
A few therapy appointments does not give you the right to tell a parent that they have royally screwed up their child's IEP. Please keep your opinion to yourself unless requested, particularly when it doesn't concern your area of expertise. It would certainly be nice if all OT appointments could take place in a mainstream classroom setting, but working on Noah's goal of removing his pants independently hardly seems like a group activity. Once you know me better feel free to berate me for being a bad advocate for my child, but you haven't earned that right yet.

To Whom It May Concern:
Jesus commands his disciples to preach the good news to everyone (Mark 16:15). That includes children with disabilities whether you like it or not. Meeting my child's spiritual needs is a mandate from God to his church. That doesn't mean that all Christians are called to that ministry, but it does mean that saying it's too much effort for little benefit or it takes resources away from the normal children is wrong. Get over it, because I'm not going away and neither is Noah.


Michele said...

Sorry you are having such a hard time with people. I seem to find that there are more people in this society that have no clue! You are a great mom, raising a micro preemie is very hard...especially with all that comes with being a micro. Hang in there. There was a reason God chose you to be Noah's mommy...fight for him, keep it up! Good job...and you are allowed to vent...that's what Blogs are for ;)

Kellie said...

I'm sorry school is so rough. I hate when people don't follow the boys' IEPs. We have had a few battles with Carson's staff this year in kindergarten and also with Eli's OT not thickening his liquids! OMG... who doesn't thicken liquids on a child who aspirates consistently? ACCKKKK.....sometimes I think that we should get a clause written into the IEP that says we can smack the teachers/therapists if they "misbehave" themselves.

LOL...wouldn't that be nice?

Carolyn said...

If only these people could see and appreciate the efforts that you put in on a daily basis to see that Noah can achieve his goals. They don't understand that a parent like you will never give up on your child. Noah can, has and will overcome many obstacles in his life, but he needs the help of his so called support team. If only they could be in your shoes for a while so they could understand that they each only deal with a part of Noah's challenges and you all of them, all the time, not just a few hours a week.