Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A dishonorable discharge?

Miss Carol says there's nothing else she can do.

Noah's making good progress with self-feeding - generalizing the skill could take months. He'll eventually learn to "scoop and lift" with his spoon. It'll just take time.

Noah's just not ready to chew. He is still at basically the same place he was back when he started the day program almost 3 years ago. We failed. Prematurity sucks.

We have made lots of progress in the last 3 years. Noah has gained 15 lbs and is on the charts for both height and weight. He used to vomit 10-15x/day, now it's just a few times a week. His reflux is finally under control.

When Noah started the day program in March of 2007 he drank 2.5-3 oz of formula 7 times a day (half of that was dreamfed). Now he drinks 4.5 oz of formula and eats 6 oz of pureed table foods 5 times a day. He has favorite foods! That's not something I ever thought would happen.

But he just won't chew. Can't chew? Who knows. We failed.

She says we're just taking a break. Give him a few months/years. When he's ready we'll come back and pick up right where we left off. I don't believe her. She's been saying "if" he chews instead of "when" for a long time now. She cried and hugged me when we left today. I don't think she believes he'll ever chew. I don't think I believe it either.

Prematurity sucks.


Billie said...

Oh man. That does suck. I'm sorry:-( But Noah has made a LOT of progress and he is super-cute. That counts for something!!! But still... That sucks.

leah said...

What a tough day. I know John Tracy has an OT/oral motor specialist (saw it on their summer program expert list)- I wonder if they know of anyone else in your area...

Noah's come such a long way. You've both worked so very hard, and accomplished a lot. I wish things weren't so hard sometimes. Just sending some *hugs.*

Anne, Eliza Grace's mom said...

So sorry about the no-chewing. After 3 years of feeding therapy Eliza is also no closer to chewing than she was the day we started.

Heck at least we have some company? OK, that's really not much solace, is it now :(

Hang in there.

abby said...

I'm so sorry about the chewing issue. I'm happy, though, about the reflux and relatively less vomiting. And, yeah, prematurity just sucks. There's nothing redeeming about it, is there?

tiffany said...

Prematurity sucks and you are doing the best you can. I believe Noah will get there. He has done so much already that no one thought he would master. You are awesome and inspiring! - Tiffany