Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Fun New Game

Fortunately, for every "I can't believe I drive 2.5 hours for THIS!" AV therapy session, there are a number of good, beneficial sessions. This week we played an awesome game called "Look Who's Listening!". Noah really rocked the discrimination tasks as always and the auditory memory tasks were good practice without him noticing that he was learning. If only every thereapy session could go that well. I guess when you're dealing with kids more good that bad is probably a better goal. Anyway, check out that game!


leah said...

What a cool new game! I'll have to check that one out when Nolan gets a little older (I think he'd mostly throw the cards around the room at the moment- hopefully he'll stop doing that as he nears three). It is hard to find auditory games out there- thanks for the link!

Hua said...

I'm glad to hear that you and Noah had a good time at therapy. This game looks fun! I'm glad Noah liked it.

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