Sunday, June 27, 2010

It finally happened...

Gross and fine motor skills are not Noah's strong point. He's always been delayed, and it seems that the older he gets the more delayed he becomes. Yesterday Noah's cousin came for a visit and it was apparent that in many ways he is as advanced, if not more so than Noah. He was better able to tackle playground equipment, better able to manipulate toys, had better posture, and while Noah clearly has a larger vocabulary, a greater variety of sentence types, and just more to say in general some of Simon's sentence structures ("Simon wants the ball") were eerily similar to Noah's. I knew this day would come, and it's not as traumatizing as I thought it might be. It's still a little sad, though. At least Noah's still a little bit bigger than his almost 3 years younger cousin. That's going to be a hard day, I think.


leah said...

I'm sending Noah all the "grow" vibes I can. I really hope his next feeding clinic visit shows an increase in his growth rate. *hugs* for the tough day.

I wonder if Noah's stellar reading skills will help his language development over time, since books model such complex sentence structure, grammar, etc.

Josi said...


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