Wednesday, July 14, 2010

John Tracy Clinic

We have completed two days at the JTC summer program so far, and it is so worth all the hassle and the stress involved in preparing to travel cross-country while moving. I highly recommend it to anyone thinking about going, but start saving now. The program is free, but 3 weeks of travel can get pricey.

Noah is quite enjoying his class and keeps tabs on where everyone is at all times. You can't go see the SLT or audiologist without Noah informing the teacher that you're missing. He loves his new classmates but I'm wishing they all lived closer. We might have to plan future trips to Denver, Dublin, and London after we're done here.

My first happy mommy tears came yesterday when the teacher told me about Noah and another student playing on the playground talking back and forth on Monday. That pragmatic language is always a struggle for Noah, and hearing about a successful peer conversation on day #1 was amazing.

So far the parent classes are fairly basic in terms of what I know, but I think Brian is probably learning a lot. I'm looking forward to some of the later topics, and right now am totally enjoying hearing other family's experiences and learning from them. Day #3, here we come!


leah said...

I really do wish that all of the families lived closer! Maybe it will inspire some travel plans!

I'm looking forward to today- Nolan is really happy in his classroom and is jiving with the routine. A lot of the little ones in the "Y" classroom are having a hard time- two year olds take longer to adjust to the all-day school routine, I think!

xraevision said...

Glad to read that you're all making friends so quickly. We really bonded with the other families and are hoping to do some international traveling next year!

Lucas'Mommy said...

Yay! That's so great about Noah having a conversation on the playground with another child. I know what you mean about making some future trips around the country and world to meet up with some of the other families. We're not too far either!

Mommy2three said...

Hi! I just found your blog we are going to try to attend JTC next summer. I would love to talk to you about your exp. we are also in Virginia as well.

Ayvaunn said...

Hello, this comment is not directly for this post. However, I read your bio and found it, in those few words, to be very touching, inspirational, and motivational. It's stories and experiences like yours that should be share and cherished by more people. I'd like to hear about more of your experience and what you (and little Noah) have learned in life on my blog . The title sounds like it's about clothes, but it's not. This blog is about how the power of being your unique self can positively impact - maybe even change - your life.

- Pleasure chatting