Friday, July 30, 2010

Oh It's Time to Say Goodbye to All Our Friends

The bags are packed. The apartment is tidy. Our boarding passes are printed. Time to head home.
Today was a day filled with tears, both happy and sad. Our entire family has made such good friends here and we will miss them terribly. Noah repeatedly asked why his friends couldn't go on the airplane with him and now keeps singing "If you're ready to go to school clap your hands" as if somehow magically that will make things not come to an end.
So what is the biggest thing I've taken away from the JTC? Hope. Hope that I can do it. Hope that Noah will have friends and learn and grow up to be productive and happy and independent. Before I didn't dare to think too far into the future, but now I feel like I have the freedom to dream.
Thank you John Tracy Clinic - for everything.


xraevision said...

I really understand that sense of hope that JTC instills in families. I too can look a little farther into my son's future and dream much bigger for what we can achieve. So happy to hear that you also had an amazing experience there. Best of luck to you back home, and keep singing!

leah said...

We are going to miss all of you so much! If you are in our area, give us a call! We will need to have a reunion for the East Coast JTC people. I hope your flight was smooth and that Noah slept the whole way there!

anja said...

Hello you guys! Checking out your blogs has been easier than setting up my facebook account tonight, so here is my first attempt to stay connected!
We miss the centre and you all already. Feeling a little lost today, after a whirlwind and sleep-deprived drive back home on Friday/Saturday. Hope you all made it back safely too.
Anyway, missed saying good-bye personally on Fri but wanted to tell you that you are both such exemplary parents, not to mention great Jeopardy players...I will think of you often and hope you stay in touch!