Friday, September 3, 2010

Noah's first progress report

As an only-ever-got-check-plus type of student, my initial reaction to this progress report was disappointment, but then I got over it. Noah did his best work, followed the rules, and respected others. What a great kid! The needs improvement areas are not at all a surprise to me, although it does make me wonder whether the FM system is in place yet. I haven't yet decided what to write as a parent comment. My husband suggested "I know. Isn't it frustrating?" and my first thought was, "That's why he has a one on one paraprofessional." but I think I'm leaning toward something like "This is pretty typical of Noah's past school experiences. We were hoping the FM system would help with those areas." I must say that I give a general ed. teacher major kudos for being that gracious about how difficult it is for Noah to fit in with a class of 20 kindergarteners. I know it can't be easy for her, but she really seems to have embraced having him in her classroom.


xraevision said...

I didn't realize that Noah was integrated into a regular Kindergarten classroom with 20 children. Wow, good for Noah and the teacher! It's fantastic that Noah is doing a great job with Following the Rules and Respecting Others. In one of the JTC lectures, it was briefly mentioned that, if we can teach our deaf children to be polite and well behaved, that charm can go a long way in forging good relationships with teachers, an idea that had for some reason never occurred to me. Noah sounds like a really sweet kid, so I hope he can use that to his advantage in school this year.

leah said...

I was wondering if he had his FM system or not. Do you know what brand he is getting? Nolan is going to use the Phonak Inspiro, which is supposed to be a pretty good one (I'm so excited to get it)!

Noah is such a good kid. Nolan misses playing with him and the other kids from John Tracy. Oh, I wish we were out on the Annenberg lawn again!