Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I'm getting ready to head out the door for my first observation of Noah in his new classroom. Our new district is pretty strict about parent observation: I had to get permission from the principal and I'm supposed to keep my time in the classroom to just 30-45 minutes. It seems a little ridiculous to me since I won't even get to see the entire math lesson, but I'm trying to play nice. I find it very interesting that although I was 99% sure that Noah was not yet using an FM system at school, it was not mentioned to me until yesterday afternoon. So much for Noah not listening or paying attention. He has to be able to hear to do that!
I almost cancelled on them today since this will be Noah's first day with his FM and he's not liable to be acting like himself. I decided that at the very least I'll get to check out his FM system if I come in today. Plus I didn't know if I'd get another chance to observe since there are so many hoops to jump through!
Even without the FM system he's coming home with a lot of new language. I think it's great to hear all the little kindergarten slang words, although I'm not sure I'll be thrilled the first time he brings home a naughty word. I really hope he acclimates well to being in this inclusion setting, because he's benefitting so much from being around the other kids. Only time will tell! Nine more days 'til the IEP.


MB said...

It drives me mad when schools don't have all the accommodations in place from day 1. I come from a family of teachers and I know they all have to report to work well before the kids show up, with plenty of time to get things like FMs taken care of.

I do know Mari had her FMs from day 1, because her teacher almost never remembers to flip the switch on her CI to return her to her normal program!

leah said...

Good luck with the observation! Goodness gracious- he's been getting marked down for "not listening" and he doesn't even have his FM in place! Sheesh!

The incidental language from school is great- hopefully he won't pick up any naughty words until he's gone up another couple of grades!