Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Double Trouble

Today I have two former 24 weekers at my house. Noah's best NICU buddy Abby is spending the day with us since her mommy's on bedrest and her daddy needs to get some work done. Being the angels that they are, they happily played away the morning and now are both asleep. It's interesting to see the two of them together. They share there preemieness in common, but are such different little people. Abby's quiet; Noah's the life of the party. Abby can walk and talk and eat real food; Noah can't do any of those things. But he can crawl and babble and drink his Pediasure and all of those things have to come first. And he's much more advanced at the getting into trouble skills. I have never once seen Abby climb anywhere dangerous, she doesn't try to stick anything into electrical sockets, and she's not nearly as adept at removing child-proofing materials from around the house. It's too bad they don't test for that stuff on developmental assessments.

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