Sunday, January 28, 2007

Bye Bye Baby Gear

I talked to my aunt yesterday and she told me about a family of refugees from Africa that she's been helping out. She needed to bring their new baby (7 weeks old) to the doctor but they didn't have an infant car seat. She wondered if we could part with Noah's since he's too big and also if we had any other items we could spare. As dutiful first time parents we've been hoarding all of Noah's items "just in case" but as my health continued to not improve the likelihood of us trying for another baby slowly disappeared. It was hard to admit that we're done, but it was freeing to drag all of that gear out of the attic and pack it into our van to be brought to this family. I'm glad to know that they will be able to use it, even if we won't. Noah had a blast playing with everything as we gathered it in the living room. It was amazing to see how much he's grown in only the year that he's been home from the NICU. Here is Noah in his carseat for the first and last times. When I look at a baby who couldn't move his arms or neck at all, didn't open his eyes because he couldn't see, and came home with all of the tubes and wires of the NICU still attached I'm amazed to see just how much of a fighter my little man really is.

December 1, 2005

January 27, 2007

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