Wednesday, January 24, 2007

One Year Review

Yesterday we had our 1 year Early Intervention review and it went really well. In most areas Noah made 1 year of progress, which is about what you want to happen. Of course he's still pretty delayed in speech and has "abnormal feeding behaviors", but that was not unexpected so we're happy. Our case manager brought up the big bad word again... "preschool". Preschool isn't a bad thing necessarily, but she's talking about special ed preschool. Apparently in our county special ed preschool is 4 days a week all day. And you can't go visit beforehand because of privacy laws. So I'm supposed to send my baby away for 24 hours a week with no idea or say as to what's going on? Does that seem like a bad idea to anyone but me? Spotsy isn't as bad (2 days a week, 1/2 day) so maybe we'll move back. Or maybe we'll become gypsies or join the circus or homeschool. We have a month to decide so I'm sure we can come up with something.

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Billie said...

Sounds like a terrible idea to me!!!

I work in the public schools, and both of Holland and Eden have been involved with early intervention, and I have never heard of not being able to visit the classroom because of "privacy laws." In fact, I have visited the hearing impaired preschool already, and have been invited to visit the ECDD classroom as well. I truly don't believe they can prohibit you from observing in the classroom in a public school setting that your child is a candidate for.

I would NEVER EVER place my child in a program that I had not researched, seen, observed, and critiqued thoroughly. I would also have to have access to "drop in" for a visit at any time.

Also, just my opinion, but 24 hours a week for a baby his age is TOO MUCH unless you have no other options. I think the circus sounds like a better idea! Spotsy sounds more reasonable as well.

Sounds like you are doing a good job at weighing your options and questioning everything:) Thanks for the comment on my blog. Noah is adorable and I look forward to reading about his CI!