Thursday, April 12, 2007

Not About Food

I decided to not post about feeding therapy, but since I don't do much else I've just ended up not posting. Since Noah is really a cutie and is growing like crazy since starting feeding therapy (a pound in 2 weeks!) I figured I would do a picture post to show you what else is going on in Noah's life.
#1 the implant: Noah's doing a great job listening (and even has a few words already!). A highlight for me is when the speech therapist brings out the little plastic snake and Noah says "sssss"- this is a sound he never heard before. I added scrapbooking stickers to the headpiece caps. What do you think?
#2 play skills: Noah's really into some early imaginitive play and is finally starting to stack blocks. He's also learned to kick a ball thanks to Jill the Recreation Therapist at the feeding program.

#3 Easter: I'm apparently really bad at taking Easter pictures. Noah looked adorable, but alas no pics. Here is Noah's last year Easter picture - his first time to church ever (I told you, I'm really bad at it).

Noah wasn't even prop sitting and could only roll onto his side last Easter. What a difference a year makes!


Laura said...

just surfing through and saying hello.
your title made me laugh....a good laugh, i assure you because food has been the center of m,y life since we brought home our own 24 weeker. he is now 5 and such a little boy but i still recall those days of feeding issues, therapies and public floggings over my baby's "failure to thrive". i could tell you it gets does, i pro mise, but then again, i spent 20 minutes after dinner convincing the4 boy he could chew and swallow 1/3 of a cheese ravioli and live to tell the tale.
thankfully i have 4 older, full-term kiddos who remind me daily, even hourly this is just another part of my normal life.
take care and nice to meet you.

Anonymous said...

Noah is so darn cute! I am happy for you guys that things are going so well.

Lisa said...

You know what I really love about the last picture (besides Noah's adorable self)? All the burp cloths. We have that same theme going on a lot of the time here, as well.

Glad Noah is doing so well. I love the concentration on his little face as he stacks those blocks.

Jessica said...

I love the picture of him feeding the baby doll. It's precious...