Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Reflux Never Ends

Lisa posted a comment about the number of burp cloths covering Noah in his Easter picture last year. It is comical to see, but unfortunately it's not a funny story that I can look back on because reflux never ends. They tell you it does, but it doesn't. They say that it'll end by their first birthday, but they forget to mention that if it doesn't you're stuck with it forever. My most recent wild dream is that someday Noah will learn to carry a bucket with him wherever he goes and throw up only in the bucket (maybe he'll even learn to clean it out himself?). The last few weeks at feeding therapy they've been tweaking things to get Noah to throw up less. I was really ok with once a day.... I had forgotten that most people don't have to carry around 3 changes of clothes and half a dozen burp cloths for their toddlers "just in case". Anyway "tweaking" means that Noah is throwing up more while they discover all of the things that don't work. One day he happily walked down the loooong hospital hallway stopping every 5 feet to lean over and vomit a puddle before he moved on. There were puddles the entire length of the hallway. That was the first of 7 vomits that day. I don't think they'll ever get him to stop throwing up but I am optimistic that they'll get him closer to the once a day than the seven. Did I ever tell you about that day that Noah didn't throw up? No wait, that was just a dream.


hallegracesmama said...

I just found your blog through a link from another preemie blog. My daughter was born at 23w 5d and is now 28 months old. She too has feeding issues (she's got a g-tube and was 100%tube fed until recently). Just wanted to wish you good luck in the feeding program. I'm interested to see how it goes!

Shannon said...

Oh the reflux roller coaster...I know all too well about it as well. I can't stand how they say that kids will "outgrow it" or that it gets better. Reflux is a disease!!

Ashton is fed by gj tube and STILL has severe reflux.

Is Noah on any meds?

I hope that they put more money into researching this issue and figure something out for these kiddos that suffer daily.

Jessica said...

Oh, I couldn't help but laugh- what else can you do? Ironically about 2 hours ago I found a pile of half digested cheerios from snack time on Savannah's floor. And she is now 27 months old! I love how they say the "magical one year mark!" Here's hoping your battle gets easier SOON! Have you invested in a carpet cleaner yet?