Monday, May 21, 2007


Noah graduated from his intensive feeding program last Friday and we're very happy with the results. Noah went from taking only Pediasure to now eating a wide variety of pureed table foods. We're still dealing with the reflux vomiting, but it's not as bad now that he's eating heavier foods. In fact, we've had 2 days where Noah didn't vomit at all. We started the program with Noah at 20lb 5 oz and 29" and after 8 weeks he's 21lb 7oz and 30". We no longer have to wake Noah at night to feed him and we are very close to a normal 3 meals and 2 snack schedule. Our goals now are to work on his emerging chewing skills so that we can graduate from purees to real foods and slowly decrease the calorie boosting that we're doing (we add duocal to his drinks and polycal to his foods). We will continue with weekly outpatient feeding therapy to work on these goals. A typical schedule for us now is:

7am 3 oz Resource Breeze, 2-3 oz soy (or sometimes regular) yogurt
9:30am 3 oz Resource Breeze, 2-3 oz. fruit (his favorite is baked apples)

12pm 6-7 oz Pediasure

3pm 4 oz Pediasure, 2 oz veggie or meat dish (He loves most veggies, but especially carrots. His favorite meat dishes are chicken with rice and veggies or chicken with noodles and veggies.)

6pm 4 oz Pediasure, 2 oz of a heavier food (oatmeal or cream of wheat with fruit, ice cream, pudding, or pancakes with fruit - these are all new foods, but he's doing great with them so far)

9pm 6-7 oz Pediasure


Jennifer said...

Can you offer tricks or what you learned?

Ari is now FTT and feeding is so hard.

Jessica said...

CONGRATS NOAH!!!! AWESOME NEWS!! Great work mom and dad:)

Lisa said...

My favorite is "He loves" followed by any food item! Congrats, Noah! Sounds like you are on your way!