Thursday, May 24, 2007

Back to Normal(ish)

This week we've been working on getting back into a normal routine after feeding therapy. Next week will be a better indication of our normal schedule since we don't have OT or Feeding Therapy this week. Mainly we've been getting used to feeding Noah real food and figuring out how much time things take. Today we went down to Richmond for a CI mapping and Speech Therapy (AVT). It was quite a challenge having to make time for feeding things other than bottles/sippy cups. I ended up leaving the house at 8:15 for a 10:00 audiology appointment so that I could feed Noah his pear applesauce in the hospital parking garage. We then went to CMOR for story hour and some playtime at the water table before another feeding in the parking lot and speech therapy. I guess eventually we'll get to the point where I can feed Noah in a more public location, but visions of vomit everywhere kept me from doing that. I was so focused on feeding Noah that I forgot to feed me! When we pulled into the Chattering Children parking lot I scrounged around for something but all that was in the car was Pediasure and some chewing gum. Oh well! Not bad for a first time.

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Liana said...

I'm so glad to hear that your lil' guy is getting you (& himself) onto "normalcy."
Do you think we'll ever really know what "normal" is anyway... our children are simply gifts from God... "normal" or not!