Tuesday, May 1, 2007

My baby is a genius!

Noah has had his cochlear implant turned on for about a month and a half. Today in speech therapy we made a list of the words that he says independently (not just repeating). Here it is....

up: "uh" or sometimes "ub"
down: "dow"
bye-bye: "bu-bye" (very drawn out and southern - too cute!)
more: "meh"
mama: used to be "mama", but the last few days it's been "mommmmm"
dada: "dada" or sometimes "da"
bubbles: "bu-buz" (if he's excited it's more like "bubububububuz")
blue: "boo"
yes: "ya"
no: "na" (while shaking his head vigorously)
eyes: "ice"
nose: "na" (sounds like no, but for this one he slaps you very hard in the nose while saying it)
eat: "eee"
ball: "baw"
go: "go"

Today I also heard him say elmo "memo" a few times when he saw his elmo car so I guess we should add that to the list too. Not bad considering that about a month ago he only had 2 words. Great job, Noah!


Liana said...

Emily -
I DO remember you, vaguely... I recognize you at least! Thank you for your prayers. I've been catching up on YOUR Noah, too. What a sweetie & I'm SO glad he's learning all these words!
Were you an East Hall girl? I was an RA there for 2 years...

Keeping your family in our prayers, too!


Shannon said...

Hi Emily,

I know that you have made a comment or two on my sons blog. I have been going through your blog today and didn't know that Noah had a cochlear implant!!! How exciting! Ashton has his MRI/CT scan in a couple of weeks and then we will hear about the surgery! I am soooo scared like you were, but yet so excited at the same time!

Does Noah have any other issues??? You can email me if you like..I would love to chat more!