Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Last night I actually did something outside my house. Something that is not related to preemies, doctors, or therapy. Wow! For Christmas Brian got me a gift certificate to take a cake decorating class. August was the first month without CT scans, surgery, intensive feeding programs or vacation so I was actually able to commit to 4 Monday nights in a row. I'm not particularly good at it yet, although the woman sitting next to me was much worse (so maybe I'm not so bad?). My first cake is slightly lopsided and I really screwed up one of the clouds, but I'm still proud of it. If I were a kindergartener I would want to hang it on the fridge!


Shannon said...

hahaha you are too funny! Looks great for your first cake!

Kellie said...

It looks yummy and I would definately gobble up a piece or two right now!

Are you sharing?