Monday, August 13, 2007

Gotta Love Two Word Phrases

It's funny how many more things you can communicate when you stick 2 words together. Noah just came up to me a few minutes ago and said "pee-pee again" in such a way that indicated that having to stop playing for a diaper change was really a nuisance. Another one I hear a lot of is "hello grandpa" which of course means that I should call grandpa with all expediency (and that if I don't "hello grandpa" will be be repeated louder and more urgently until I either call grandpa, find a suitable distraction, or Noah melts into a puddle of toddler tantrum). Here are some of Mommy's favorite Noah phrases along with translation.

"Water splash" (I managed to get the bathroom door open and the toilet lock off)
"No touch" (I'm playing with the blinds again)
"Daddy outside" (Daddy went to work. Apparently Daddy just stands outside the door in 100+ temperatures all day long.)
"Eat ______" (I'm about to shove something that's been who-knows-where and I've done who-knows-what-to into your mouth)
"more book" (I'm going to keep shoving this book at you until you read it to me at least 100 more times)
"I you" (I love you mommy. Aren't I worth all the trouble I cause?)

Uh oh. "More book" Guess I'd better go...

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Shannon said...

I have the biggest smile on my face after reading this! I cannot imagine the great feelings you have when he is speaking to you! Sometimes these kids are just way too cute for words!