Thursday, August 9, 2007

To Brian:

Remember when we had a race to see who could take apart a laptop the quickest? (I won)

Remember our first Madrigals?

Remember when we got our car searched at the Canadian border - because of some white powder from a Tim Horton's donut?

Remember watching movies all night in your parents' basement?

Remember the "GroupWise Implementation Team"?

Remember our first trip to Niagara Falls (and all the trips to the Festival of Lights)?

Remember going on dates when the good NICU nurses were on?

Remember picnics at Letchworth?

Remember staying up all night to draw silly things all over campus with sidewalk chalk?

Remember sneaking into my dorm on Halloween?

Remember bringing cookies to our wedding?

Remember holding our son for the first time after nearly 8 weeks?

Remember hiking at Natural Bridge?

Remember Acadia?

Remember playing Phase 10 with Jenn and Miah?

Remember going to Olean on our first "real" date?

Remember spending the summer together in Houghton?

Remember your phone call from London (or Nigeria)?

Remember the pirate invasion at our wedding reception?

Remember finally bringing Noah home after 6 long months?

Remember buying my engagement ring at CVS (or was it Wawa)?

Remember our trip to Williamsburg?

Remember seeing our baby open his eyes for the first time?

Looking forward to many more happy memories. I'll love you forever and always. Happy Anniversary!

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Kellie said...

Happy Anniversary! That was such a sweet post to read....