Saturday, April 26, 2008

What do people do with themselves?

Free time? What's that?

I haven't had any free time since May 2005 when they stuck my in a hospital bed, hooked me up to the mag, and told me to lay on my left side and not move. Ok, I guess technically that was free time. But I wasn't allowed TV, the phone, visitors, or sitting up, and the triple vision from the mag didn't help if I tried to read a book so it wasn't exactly relaxing.

Recently, (think: yesterday) we received notice that Noah's Medicaid has been reinstated. Wahoo!! We got in through a waiver program for disabled people. In addition to Medicaid we've also qualified for at least 10 hours a week of attendant care for Noah and 720 hours of respite a year to be used however we like. I really can't remember what one does with free time. Grocery shopping? Cutting the lawn? I used to have free time, I know I did. It's just been too long...

Any ideas?

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Jennifer said...

Fabulous - does that mean searching for a job is no longer on the board?