Thursday, April 24, 2008

What's the point?

Our OT that we've had since NICU discharge is out on maternity leave (she was due Monday, but no baby yet!). Today we had our first of 3 appointments with our new OT. Only 3? Yup - Noah transitions out of EI next month. I question whether Noah will actually get any benefit of his 3 OT appointments. I mean, he likes the new OT but she doesn't know him.
Today she wanted to work on "proprioceptive" activities. All well and good, until she wants me to squish him with pillows. Ummmm... yeah. Do you want to see what he had for lunch today? And then when he gagged because the piece of playdough he was rolling picked up a cat hair (thus changing the texture) she wondered aloud how it was possible that a kid could be both sensory seeking and sensory aversive. I don't know. He just is. Beverly understood.
Why am I doing this again?!Maybe I should be like Kathie Snow and just cancel all the therapy. Or maybe my therapists shouldn't get pregnant so as to take maternity leave right before my son transitions (Are you listening, Beverly?). That's the ideal solution, really. Oh, and they shouldn't move to Austria, either (I'm talking to you, Jamie Sue!). Seriously - you'd think Noah would be more of a priority in their lives.

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