Thursday, June 21, 2007


Noah loves Signing Time videos. Part of our feeding protocol involves watching a video and invariably that is what he wants. He likes the music and the repitition is good for him. Our AVT center director is very anti sign language, but we figured watching the sign language videos wouldn't be an issue since our optho and DoV coordinator said that it would be very difficult for Noah to learn sign language (one of the main reasons we opted for the CI). Well, last night Noah signed "more". He was saying more (he wanted a balloon that I had just taken) and I stuck a bite of veggies in his mouth so he started signing more until he swallowed. Then he started saying and signing more together. You'd think the kid had been signing for years, he was so confident about it. A big part of me wants to shout from the top of a mountain that my little 24 weeker is big enough/smart enough/can see well enough to sign. But then there's that itty little bit that knows we're so busted when we go to speech therapy today. I'm willing to argue my point that he already knows the word more and his language development is much quicker than expected, so it's obviously not hurting him, but I'm hoping it just won't turn into an issue.

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Cassie said...


I just read this post. I have a 29 week (non-micro) preemie. We just got the signing time videos. My son's spoken language development has improved a lot since he started watching them. He says the words and signs them at the same time. (It helps since he is hard to understand, we hvae two clues instead of one to know what he is saying.)