Thursday, June 7, 2007


Although we have the new Harmony, Noah wears the Platinum Sound Processor from Advanced Bionics on a regular basis. It's durable and there's nothing to have to keep attached to his ear - only the part with the magnet on his head. Unfortunately, the harness system leaves something to be desired. It's made of a very heavy material and Noah gets overheated very easily, especially with summer coming up. Also, if Noah falls asleep there's no way to get it off him without completely undressing him - not exactly conducive to keeping him asleep. Our solution? Pockets. My mother has sewn pockets on the back of most of his everyday clothes, and it works great! We still use the harness occasionally - especially first thing in the morning when he's in his pjs, but the pockets make life so much easier. We can get to his processor without having to undress him and he's not getting nasty heat rashes from wearing the harness all day. I'm trying to convince my mother to start a business to sell them to other CI users since It's such a useful item. For your enjoyment, here are some of Noah's pockets.

For comparison, here are the harness options that we have (they can, obviously, be worn under clothes).

And the snazzy purple belt clip that falls off regularly (but is great for tucking in the back of overalls).

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sammie said...

i think the pockets are a great idea!