Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I was just kidding about the duct tape!

There was a time last year when so many things were attached to my child that I was known to comment that it would just be easier if I wrapped him in duct tape each morning so that I wouldn't have to reattatch the cannula, leads, pulse ox probe, eye patch, and hearing aids again and again. I never actually resorted to duct tape, although as you may or may not be able to see in the picture a little extra medical tape went a long way in keeping the eye patch where it belonged. We went to the opthamologist today, and I think I may have to start thinking about duct tape again. It looks like Noah will need glasses. Glasses will not help Noah's ONH & nystagmus, but they will help his worsening nearsightedness. We're waiting for now, but Dr. W. said to expect them at the next appointment (in 9 months) and if not then, certainly at some point before he starts kindergarten. That means I have 9 months to find a solution to keeping a cochlear implant and a pair of glasses attached to my son. At the same time. Without interfering with each other. Duct tape is looking really good!


23wktwins'mommy said...

Oh man I know where you are coming from with the poor kid. We'll be out somewhere and a young child has been known to ask why I have tape on my baby's face.
I didn't know Noah had nystagmus too. What does the opthamologist say about it?

Shannon said...

Haha I love that picture! Keeping the implant and glasses on can be a challenge at times for sure but usually it works out well!