Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Today at our pulmo appointment the amazing nurse practitioner Molli was being followed by a medical student. She proudly announced that she had the medical student read Noah's entire medical history and case file because he was such an interesting case. The medical student just gave a very weary half smile (in case you didn't know, Noah's medical history and case file consist of boxes full of paperwork and numerous CDs of x-rays, MRIs, ultrasounds, etc.). Poor medical student! She got to help with the history today and asked informed (although niave) questions such as "Has he been to the audiologist recently?", "Are his teeth still green?" and "Will you be continuing in feeding therapy?". I like most medical students. I have much more patience for them than residents who should at least have a bit of a clue about things. In any case Molli (and the medical student) have deemed Noah's lungs "beautiful" and Molli decided not to increase us to twice a day Pulmocort for the winter as was the original plan because he's doing so well. Here's hoping Noah's lungs stay beautiful until spring!

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