Saturday, December 1, 2007

Two Years Ago Today

Two years ago today Noah sat in his stroller for the first time. (Yes, he really was that tight - gotta love EI!)
Two years ago today Mommy and Daddy got to take a picture with their son outside for the first time.

Two years ago today Noah got to ride in a car (he'd previously been in only a helicopter and an ambulance).

Two years ago today our son came home after more than 6 months in the NICU. He brought with him O2, an NG tube, a Kangaroo Pump, a Pulse Ox, an Apnea Monitor, an Ambu Bag (thankfully never needed!), a nebulizer, way too many medications, and a schedule not conducive to sleep. It didn't last long, but that's another story...


abby said...

Congratulations on the homecoming anniversary!

Jennifer said...

I love that picture of you guys - your husband looks so ridiculously happy in that picture too!

Congrats Mom!