Sunday, December 2, 2007

Walmart Strikes Again: Noah's Special Needs

I know, I know. I should shop at Target. When Noah stops drinking 120 cans of Pediasure a month I'll consider it. Until then I'm a Walmart shopper, but it doesn't mean I have to like it.
Today we needed Pediasure and Noah didn't look ready for a nap, so we decided to go as a family. Since we had coupons (thanks Kim!) my husband and I went through the line separately. When Brian was checking out the sales associate asked, "Is that one of them special needs kids?".
My husband, assuming he saw the CI said, "He's deaf, that was a cochlear implant that you saw."
The man said "No, besides that."
What exactly does that mean? I doubt they teach that at Walmart manners class. You're supposed to ask "Did you find everything you were looking for?" not "What are your kid's diagnoses?"
Part of me is paranoid now. Can you look at him and know he has special needs? Do I care if you can? Will he care?

Perhaps the sales associate just wasn't used to seeing happy toddlers at Walmart...


Nate said...

That was tasteless of the sales associate.

To your question:

As a orally profoundly deaf individual, yes, your son will *care* as he get older. I know I was there during my teen to early adult. It made me a stronger person today. I learn to take the bad with the good and not get so bitter over every little thing. Some deaf people don't get over bitterness and other come out just fine.

In the mid time, don't get paranoid about it, just take it one day as a time. I know it is hard because my mother been there too. I can tell that you and your hubby are very much involve in his life. That is where it counts. Some parents don't *care* and they grow up to be bitter deaf people that you might been seeing lately I am afraid.

Karen said...

He looks like a happy adorable toddler to me. Him pretending to be a firefighter the other night and putting out the pampers box, priceless!

tiffany said...

That pic of him pretending to be a firefighter - I look at that and see nothing other than typical happy toddler. What a moron at Walmart. I can only assume seeing the CI sparked the question. Oh well, people ask dumb questions every day no matter what the situation.

abby said...

OMG. I am totally left speechless by your Walmart experience. How can you even respond? Not only would I have been devoid of a good comeback at the moment; I still can't think of any. Wow.

abby said...

OK...what about "Special is a whole lot better than ignorant." Probably would've flown over the cashier's head. Assuming that he had one that contained anything in it.

Emily said...

Ours is moving to the Dominican Republic. What is with feeding therapists moving out of the country? Is there a huge demand in foreign countries?

A replacement therapist hasn't been hired yet and there's only 2.5wks left to go. I don't know if we'll stay with this same therapy gym or switch to the SLP who works with our PT (she also happens to be Julian's SLP as well). It's all very confusing and I'm just so upset that she's leaving in the first place.