Friday, April 17, 2009

CI #2, day 3

Things continue to go well with Noah's new ear. He appears to be enjoying the extra sound he's getting very much. Yesterday at our second mapping he tested at 30-35 db in the sound booth and was able to repeat all the ling sounds. Yay! He does still think that we sound like robots when we talk if he only has the new ear on, but I imagine that will improve with time and therapy.
In the meantime he's trying to convince our cat that she should get some "new ears" from his CI surgeon. I guess he thinks she must be deaf too? She doesn't talk a whole lot, but she is a cat. I'm not so sure that cochlear implants would help with that.

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acey said...

HA! av therapy for cats, a whole new market! and a little therapist in the making :)