Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Noah+change=bad news

We learned today that:
1. our AV therapy center is closing in June and
2. they want Noah to see a different AV therapist for the next 2 months (his therapist was laid off in anticipation of the closing)

Last time we have to switch AV therapists it was a huge upheaval for Noah, and it was really rough for him at first. He loves that therapist now - he calls her his "gear friend" because she uses this gear toy to bribe him into repeating sounds.

Getting a new therapist along with a new ear and then losing that therapist after 2 months is such a bad idea on so many levels, so we're not gonna do it. (So there!) Instead, on Monday we're taking the lovely drive up to the Northern VA Chattering Children for a tour. If we think it's worth the (2 hours if there's no traffic) drive then we'll be starting up there as soon as possible. If we don't like it then I guess Noah's new ear habilitation is up to me.

I feel fairly confident at using AV principals at home. I mean the whole point is to indoctrinate parents so they live the AV lifestyle, right? It would be nice to have a bit of guidance, though. I guess in the long run it's better we just found out today, since I doubt we would've gone through with the bilateral surgery had we known a few weeks ago.

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Shannon said...

Hi there!
My son is also a preemie.
Hope you will come visit his blog, God Gave Me You.

Its a pain when we have to travel so often for therapies. I hope the new place works out for you.