Saturday, April 18, 2009

Slow down, Noah!

Noah is moving way too fast for me with this new ear thing. I know that he's supposed to acclimate to this ear quicker than the old one, but not THIS quick. Our new AV therapist (the one we're starting with on Monday) said that for the first month or two we would be working on the "learning to listen" sounds from way back when. Getting him to turn to the "aaaaaaaAAAAA" sound, getting him to pick out the airplane from a group of toys when he hears it, etc.
So when we've been having new ear time (about 30 min./day right now), one of the things I've been doing (besides reading familiar books, singing songs, etc.) is I brought out all those old learning to listen toys. Day one when he picked the cow out when I said "moo" I was pretty impressed. Today not only was he hearing all of the learning to listen sounds, he was repeating them all correctly (no more robot talk - apparently we sound normal now). He was also able to answer simple questions about a familiar story after we read it ("What color is the fox?" - "orange", "Where was the rabbit sitting?" - "under the leaf", "What does a blue bird say?" - "tweet tweet").
I know he's not understanding things as well as with his other ear (obviously!) but he's picking up a whole lot more than I thought he'd be able to. Is that normal?

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