Sunday, July 8, 2007

All's Well That Ends Well

We had a wonderfully successful first vacation. Nobody died, none of our medical devices were confiscated by the TSA, and we had fun to boot.
Our vacation started out in Austin, Texas where we did the family reunion thing for Brian's grandparents 60th anniversary. Noah got to meet all sorts of extended family that he'd never met before, and he had a blast. We also spent a day in San Antonio being tourists at the Alamo and the River Walk which was great. Noah's a little young for most of the Alamo stuff, but he thought the river boats were so cool and he loved seeing all the different plants and flowers that don't grow in our area.
After Texas we flew all the way up to Boston to spend time with my family. We went to the New England Aquarium which Noah loved and mainly just hung out. Grandma is the only person besides Mommy, Daddy, and the feeding therapists who can feed Noah, so Brian and I crammed in a lot of baby-free time while we were there.
It wasn't all good of course. Noah loved swimming in the hotel pool, but some people didn't appreciate him vomiting in there. And I could think of better ways to spend our final day of vacation than with a 2 hour flight delay at JFK, missing luggage, and lots of turbulence. But overall things were a success. We now know that taking Noah on vacation is not only possible but actually a lot of fun. He loves new places and has such a sweet personality that he charmed people everywhere we went. In the end we're exhausted but happy and I think that's not bad for a first family vacation.

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