Saturday, July 14, 2007

Confession of a Crazy CI Mom (without enough sleep)

Sometimes I want to stick things on the magnet in Noah's head. Like paperclips or the magnetic letters that are on the refrigerator. Just because.


baby james said...

Hi thanks for visitng our blog page. Yes James has been in feeding therapy since he was released from the NICU. It has helped quite a bit, specially early on but now we are just kind of idoling. He eats anything and everything on our good days of course, our biggest problem is the quanity. He does not consume alot at once. So he kind of grazes small amounts by dinner time he usually does pretty well. What is a typical menu/schedule at your house? Lately James has not had to many good days. But just as I posted this yesterday, he ate at dinner time 1 1/2 fish stick, some hash browns and corn,go figure see for him that's considered alot. Any how please keep in touch, it is so helpful to talk with other preemie mom's and such. Tracy

Jessica said...

HA! I have enjoyed catching up on your blog. Glad to see you had a fun vacation, but sorry to hear about the comments from others regarding pregnancy/birth/prematurity. I have learned that people who haven't gone thru this whole experience tend to be ignorant to the whole ball of wax. Although I try to just ignore the comments, or let it "roll off my shoulder" it still hurts, and I am sorry you have had so much of that lately. I hope Mr Noah is feeling better now and I will check back soon!