Tuesday, July 24, 2007

You know you have a vision impairment when...

This morning we met our OT at the park to work on our goals of "walking on uneven surfaces" and "going up and down steps". Noah walked on blacktop, grass, pebbles and mulch and didn't fall down once. That's a huge improvement! He was hesitant about steps but we helped him go through the motions. Out OT says that it's not that he can't do it, but because he can't tell the difference between a color change on the sidewalk and a huge step he gets scared. She said that once he feels comfortable with steps it'll just be a matter of having someone with him to cue him the first time he goes someplace. Anyway, there was pink neon caution tape keeping cars from going back to the playground area. We lifted the first tape for Noah to go under but by the time we got to the second tape Noah was running a few steps ahead. He ran right smack into the tape. Of course it didn't hurt him, but we were laughing because we had just been talking about how nice that the tape was bright enough for Noah to see it. I guess not.

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