Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Five Things I Didn't Expect

  1. When I told Noah we were going to feeding therapy today he said, "Let's go Carol [the feeding therapist]. I love eat apples and popcorn!"
  2. Noah ate 4 cereal pieces (Trix) during feeding therapy.
  3. He also ate 4 pieces of a Cheeto during feeding therapy. (Who knew you could slice Cheetos!)
  4. For feeding therapy dessert he ate 2 mini chocolate chip cookies and then he ate 4 more when he got home. He's a chocolate addict like his mommy.
  5. Noah climbed up a bar stool and onto the counter in an attempt to get in the kitchen because he wanted to "eat an elephant" this afternoon. I wasn't hiding elephant meat in the kitchen, I swear. You'd think I never feed him...


tiffany said...

Oh how excited you must be!

abby said...

I love it, love it, love it!

Jennifer said...

Nice contrast huh? I still can't believe everything Arianna eats now... shocks me that she ate an entire piece of pizza last night.