Saturday, February 2, 2008

Someday it'll be pizza and wings...

...but right now I'm feeling pretty good about some Puff N Corn in a piece of mesh accompanied by a tri-chew.

Notice that he takes the very last chew without the tri-chew in his mouth. This week we're working on transitioning him to not need the tri-chew to remember to chew. I'm not sure that we'll get to the 3/5 chews without it by Tuesday, but I'm sure gonna try.

We're teaching Noah to hold my thumb when he eats in preparation for self feeding (Yay!). We started out a few weeks ago with "Touch Mommy's elbow" and gradually moved him closer to the spoon. He's doing ok with holding my thumb, but he still lets go a little too soon. He's definitely not ready for "Hold the spoon" yet, but at least he's not screaming like he was when we first started with the helping. He already self-feeds the Pediasure, but he's addicted to that stuff so it didn't take much coaxing. Notice the lack of gagging and vomiting in spite of the fact that he's eating some gritty, sticky, strawberry & banana mixture. Three months ago we had to strain the seeds out of pureed bananas because it was too much texture, but he's made tons of improvement since then. Bring on the pizza and wings!

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