Thursday, February 28, 2008

M is for Marker

Noah loves his ABCs. He has these wonderful alphabet books that have 3 pictures of things that start with each letter. He loves to go around saying "U is for Umbrella" or "C is for cat". I was a little concerned when the other day he came up to me and said "I is for banana". After much convincing he finally repeated "B is for banana" but he never looked like he was quite ok with it. Today he told me that "A is for apple" and then that "X is for doll" and again "I is for banana". I tried to correct him but he was not budging. Finally he patiently signed "x" and then used the "x sign" to sign doll. X kinda sorta is for doll! That is the same shape that makes "x" is used to sign doll. Weird. I was totally lost about the "I is for banana" thing until I remembered that Noah signs the letter I using his index finger (he can't isolate his pinkie yet) and then uses that same finger to make the "banana" sign. I really IS for banana! How do kids come up with this stuff?!


Liana said...


i love these little stories...

Carolyn said...

It's amazing how the the young learning brain works and what you can learn from a 2 1/2 yr old!

That's one smart little boy you have!