Friday, February 1, 2008

Noah Sings the Hallelujah Chorus

Also known as:

"Why Daddy Shouldn't Leave His Shoes on the Floor"

Noah loves to sing. Before his CI he couldn't talk, but he could hum his ABCs. His hearing aids gave him access to rhythm and pitch, and he made good use of it. He picks up songs so quickly when he hears them with his CI, but he prefers to give his "concerts" with his CI off. Is all the background noise distracting with the CI on? Does he feel the need to fill the "silence" that no CI brings? I just don't know. Hopefull he can tell me when he gets a little older.


Nathali said...

Wow, he is getting so big!! What a cutie pie!! Such an achievement for this little guy to be able to sing!!! Keep up the good work!!

Jennifer said...

I do believe that is the MOST adorable thing I've seen in DAYS! HOW CUTE!!!!!!!!!

MB said...

Shame on daddy!

Cute video!